Tuesday, August 4, 2009


After leaving Corwins we went to Reading PA were Tina Dolin's Studio was located!

Shes a wonderful person! I really enjoyed watching her work! Everything was so well put together! The makeup Artist is Roxy Jackson and the Clothing Designer is Nicole Rae Styer

me and roxy

Rachel and I

Chillen on the couch

After that we stayed in Balitmore then she shot with David Hilton

Great guy also! ^_^
Then we went back to her house and stayed the night and I had the pleasure of meeting Louise. He's a an amazing artist as well!

make sure to check all of them out!


In early March Rachel Dashae and I went to Philly. First we stopped in Manchester Virginia so she could shoot with PhotoDr. He was really sweet and allowed me to shoot her as well! ^_^

I make my models bleed...

Some Finished Products...

She then shot with Gregory Keith out on the street...lots of people stopped and stared haha

We then drove and stayed with Corwin Prescott...great man! haha I adore him...all weekend all we would say is "Help! I'm trapped in the bottom of a well....ladieeessss" If you know Demetri Martan then you know that joke...haha

I really loved Philly...the buildings were amazing! While Rachel was shooting with Serena Star , Corwin and I walked to this park type thing...and we saw all these kids playing some weird thing and it was intriguing! haha It was role playing I'm pretty sure...

I shot a little with Corwins camera. Jordan Supernavage! ^_^

More about Philly in the next Blog...

Contiuned From February

Well I wanna start off from like Feb. I did go to Johnny Rockets Studio in P Town and got some shots of Rachel Dashae and her boyfriend Mike come too! ^_^ They turned out pretty awesome. I was pleased! We always have an amazing time with Jon and Krystena.

Here are some behind the scenes shots...

And Some Finished Products

I Suck

Yeah...I guess I'm not much for blogging? My Bad! Not like anyone really reads my blog though...

Well I've just recently started doing weddings...really cheap too haha

I did DanaBelle's last Saturday! She looked amazingly gorgeous! I had a blast shooting her! My feet were killing me though wearing heels for 6 hours grr...

I have a wedding this Saturday. I'm pretty sure this ones gonna be amazing too. Dawn's gonna do something kinda like in Tristan and Isolde! I'm pretty stoked to see how this turns out...

So my last blog I was suppose to put more photos of behind the scenes of my shots...I really wanna try and do that.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Ello Mate

Today I shot with Rachel Dashae and Kechelle was the hairstylist.
It was freaking raining all day and cold but they were amazing and endured it! Nothing seemed to go right today...but I still think we got some amazing shots.

Her boyfriend Mike was the director.......hahaha "I think it'd look better with a bigger poof. I get credit for it!"

I always have an amazing time with them!

Here are a few Edited shots

Later one we went to Johnny Rocket's house and did a shoot there. AMAZING. I love it over there and his work is so amazing.

But I'll post some shots later.

Cant wait! ^_^